Marcy Bachmann



One Life, Six Men

My life has unfolded much as do the chapters of this memoir, at times painful, often puzzling, sometimes humorous and always adventurous.  The book covers my career as a journalist, my struggles as a woman in a changing world and six men who taught me the joys of love, the anguish of heartbreak and several lessons I should have learned years before.

I am the daughter of an army officer and a woman who spent her own childhood performing on an international stage.  As a child I often traveled the world with them and sometimes found myself left in the care of relatives or hired help.  As an adult, combining my innate curiosity and knack for placing the right words next to each other on a page, I became a journalist.  In a few short years I had built a following and a successful career going from rewriting wedding announcements and obituaries to turning out a syndicated column based in a metropolitan newspaper.

My love of sports led to my being one of the first women assigned a seat in the previously all male press box during a World Series game.  I wrote numerous magazine pieces and authored several books.  Among the eclectic few well known personalities who became my friends were Charlie Finley owner of the Oakland A’s baseball team and his cousin Carl Finley vice-president of the team, Sara Jane Moore who spent 32 years in federal prison for attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford and San Francisco’s infamous madam Sally Stanford who became my son’s godmother.   

The transitions in my personal life, however, were not always so successful.  While blindly searching for the safety and security I had rarely known as a child I married too often and for the wrong reasons.  I raised my son alone while living with the frustration of a chronic, unpredictable disease.  Although I wrote a widely read syndicated column on relationships, I had no idea how to recognize real love if I was ever lucky enough to find it.  My choice of husbands included an attractive man with a sterling education who became an alcoholic and serial adulterer.  The last of my four husbands was brilliant, engaging and accomplished but unfortunately proved to be a controlling misogynist.

The reader will be introduced to all six of the men who left indelible marks on my life.  Four of the men I married, one was married to someone else and one finally provided the genuine love and safety for which I had been searching all along.   One Life, Six Men is a poignant, often funny, fast paced roller coaster ride of my search for the stability of a home I had never known.  It is also an awakening to multiple adventures, a tale of the tumultuous times in which I have lived and of the fascinating people who have lived them with me.