Marcy Bachmann



The daughter of a career Army officer and a former Broadway performer, my childhood was spent growing up around the world, following my parents to various military assignments ranging from Stateside to Europe, to Japan and back again.  I attended William and Mary College in Virginia and then, through a series of unfortunate choices, at the age of 21 found myself unemployed and stuck in an ill advised marriage in Southern California.

After several years of a fruitless search for success, my husband and I headed north seeking a better life in San Francisco.  Within two years I gave birth to our son, left my husband and, relying on innate curiosity and the A’s I had always received in English composition, began a newspaper career.  I worked as a reporter for a daily newspaper in Stockon, California, became a staff writer for the San Francisco bureau of Women’s Wear Daily, a feature writer and sports columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, a syndicated relationship columnist for the Oakland Tribune and an award winning daily opinion and commentary columnist for the suburban Contra Costa Times and its satellite newspapers.

I have written numerous freelance magazine features for San Francisco, Diablo, California Living, Time and Newsweek magazines.  In the early 1970s I tried a brief stint as a sports anchor for KTVU-TV in Oakland, California but as a female was far ahead of my time.  My weekly hour long interview program on KQED-FM radio in San Francisco was more successful.  I later wrote press kits for an independent film company.

My three books are “A Woman’s Extremely Basic Guide to Baseball,” Miller Freeman, “The Statue of Liberty is Cracking Up,” Harcourt Brace Jovanovitch and “An Unexpected Indiscretion– the other woman’s side of the story," Black Rose Writing.  As a columnist and author I have given numerous lectures, made countless personal appearances and taught writing classes to inmates of the Federal Prison System.

I occasionally write a blog of short opinion essays on current events that have attracted readers from as far away as Europe and Australia.

In between career moves I married and subsequently divorced four tumultuous times, successfully raised my son to adulthood, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, won a battle with breast cancer and have finally found my way to the safety and security of a successful relationship and a home of my own.



Marcy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and can be reached at

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